Efrem D. Oshinsky, Printmaker

an online portfolio of linocuts, etchings and other relief prints.

Today’s Print: Southbound

Edison Station Southbound, woodcut on paper

Today we have the first woodcut I ever created, back in 2008. Again, I promise that once I work through the backlog of old stuff I’ll start putting up prints from 2012.

Or at least 2011.


Today’s print: Chimney at 111 First St (RIP)

Lonely Chimney, Linoleum Block Print

I based this small print (really small — it’s only like 4″ on a side!) on the chimney that used to be part of 111 First Street, before Jersey City razed it to build some kind of fancy condo lofts that never got built. So now what was once a beautiful, historic building is an empty lot.

Ah, progress.

New work!

Pulling new prints in my kitchen

Wow, so after something like 4 years since my last post, I’ve decided to start putting up new work on this site.

Why, I hear you asking, am I bothering to update this site after so long?

Well, part of it is that I’ve gotten back into using Flickr after a long backlog that just wouldn’t stop growing. Another part is that, after a few years of not having the room to really do much printmaking, I’ve moved into a larger apartment.

But the biggest reason is that I’ve started putting together a solo show, and want to use this space as a way to organize it all in my head.

So, welcome back, enjoy, and keep checking back — there should be new work here almost every day. At least until I run out of material.


Fine Art for a Finer World.

Efrem Oshinsky is an amateur printmaker and professional copywriter living and working along the New York/Jersey City Axis. He is currently working on two series of relief prints, one focused on domestic birds in urban settings, the other on personalities from the American Civil War.

Choose any of the links at right to view linoleum cuts, relief prints, and other works on paper. You can also view my professional copywriting portfolio here.

Stay tuned for more additions as the month wears on.

Thank you and enjoy.